No. The terms of use entitle you to use one of the rental options - by card or by SMS code. Please take the time to read the Price Policy before choosing the type of rental you need.
Most likely, when you returned the bike, it was incorrectly parked. And therefore the rent continued until the time somebody inserted the bike correctly. To avoid this, please make sure that you wait for the sound signal, if you hear three sound signals, it means there is a problem and you need to try again.
When you register in the sales department, a letter will be sent to the email address you gave with a password for your personal account. Your username is email. With these details, you can access your account and view your cycling history.
The total cost required includes the subscription fee, minimum required balance and security deposit. When your subscription expires, the security deposit is returned to your account, less any deductions for rental or fines.
You can go to our website or download our mobile app iOs and android to see exactly how many bikes are in each station around the city
As soon as a bike is removed from a station, the cardholder takes full responsibility for any loss, theft or damage
In the event of any damage to the bike, the cardholder must go to the nearest bike station so that the bike can be inspected and repaired. As soon as the damaged bike has been returned the cardholder may take another bike and continue their trip. The damage must be reported to the customer service center by calling +7 702 000 80 60.
Note: The cardholder will continue to be charged for using the bike until it is returned to a rental point.
Call customer services on +7 702 000 80 60
No. The first 30 minutes are free. If you continue to use the bike after 30 minutes, you will be charged for additional use. This charge is not separate from the subscription fee. You can find out details on rental costs here (
We work hard to make sure that there is just the right availability at each bike station in the city. If you do find that a bike station is full please try another bike station nearby
If the obstruction is at a bike station you can report it to our customer services by calling +7 702 000 80 60 if the obstruction of traffic safety is in the city you can reach city services on 102
The payment of fines is the cardholder`s responsibility
An almatybike subscription does not include insurance. All responsibility lies with the customer
Carrying another person on your bike is strictly prohibited. Our bikes are only intended for use by one person
You cannot freeze the pass. The User has no right to give his/her login and PIN-code to third parties. In case of revealing the transfer of the login and PIN-code to third parties, the Fund has the right to impose penalties or block the pass.
Working hours of the Customer Service Department: Monday-Friday from 10:00 to 19:00. Break: 14:00-15:00.
    Removes the need to purchase and store your own bike.
    Cycling in the city is an eco-friendly way to get around.
    Bikes are more economical that private cars. They save time waiting in traffic and money for parking.
    Riding a bike is the perfect balance between exercise and leisure. It`s the pleasant and healthy way to travel around the city.
Bike are available 24 hours a day
Bike can be accessed and returned at any bike station in the city
Our bikes are sturdy three-speed cruisers which are built for comfortable city-cycling, They come in a single size, but have an adjustable seat, making them suitable for both men and women. All our bikes are equipped with lights and reflectors, mudguards, and a front-mounted basket for personal items.
There are 185 stations in the city. You can see the locations ( )
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